Transportation Systems Services

Richardson-Wayland Electric Company, Transportation Systems has provided traffic signal construction, repair and maintenance for over 25 years. Our traffic signal and street lighting employees are expertly trained to provide a safe and efficient service to ensure our customers are satisfied every time.

We offer a range of services including traffic signal installation, emergency traffic light repairs, intelligent traffic systems and signalized intersections. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service, while still remaining cost effective.

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Signalized Intersection
  • Richardson-Wayland Transportation Systems provide a one-stop solution for our customers looking to install signalized intersections. Our staff have installed traffic signals ranging from flashers to decorative poles to the latest in emergency vehicle detection systems. We provide all the materials, and self-perform all the signalized intersection construction to ensure the traffic signal is installed safely and with the highest quality every time.
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Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • We are at the forefront of modernizing our highway system through installing intelligent traffic systems. We install variable traffic message signs, intelligent video detection systems and other traffic system monitoring devices. Our team is expertly trained in installing turn-key construction solutions; from material procurement, to foundations, to intelligent traffic system/sign installation and programming.
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Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Richardson-Wayland Transportation Systems pride themselves on providing a continual traffic signal maintenance service, even after the traffic signals have been installed. We provide a routine traffic lights maintenance service and on-call emergency repair services. Our expert team understand the need for a fast repair service and aim to repair your traffic lights as quickly as possible, while still providing you with a high quality service.
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Sign Installation
  • Richardson-Wayland Transportation Systems provide a wide range of sign installation services for State, local and private sector customers. Our experienced sign installation contractors provide the highest quality and safety. Our sign installation services include erecting traffic signs, ground or bridge mounted signs, cantilever and overhead sign structures, dynamic message signs and custom signs for private property.
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Traffic Signal Repair
  • Richardson-Wayland Transportation Systems understands that when an incident strikes and a traffic signal becomes inoperable it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Our construction team and traffic signal technicians are experienced in traffic signal repair caused by accidents, weather conditions or any other possible causes. Our emergency repair team are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since 1913 Richardson Wayland has been providing contracting services to the electrical market. We have expanded our service offerings to include traffic signal installation and maintenance. Our company was built on a firm foundation of honesty and integrity, which are still at the core of everything we do.


Richardson Wayland Transportation Systems is committed to providing our customers a safe, high quality project on time and on budget. Our dedicated management team and trained craft personnel work tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied every time.


Our experienced teams bring a strong safety commitment to every project. Through our in-house training program and partnerships with the IBEW, National Safety Council and VDOT, our employees maintain the highest levels of competency.